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GOLDEN BOY PRESS Interview #136
On the journey to discover himself, he creates a soundtrack for his life, putting his soul into the music.  Giving a twist on the traditional electronic style.  His music is him through and through, his style and story are in the beats.  A chill atmosphere and ambient vocals.  In our interview we discuss a few of his newest tracks and their connections to each other, as well as his advice on staying true to your creativity.  And in his own words that, I believe, sum up his vision very nicely, “Constantly looking for a connection between the beyond and what’s within.”
Could you introduce yourself?
My name is Joao Gonzalez, known as Soft Glas. I’m a producer/multimedia creative residing in Brooklyn.
What made you realize you wanted to pursue music as a career?
There was never any question. My family is an art family, with my father being a Jazz pianist. My entire father’s side were all musicians, and my mother’s parents were photographers/videographers. The writing was on the wall. 
How do you feel about the music scene in your area?
I moved to Brooklyn because of the freedom I have here. The scene is very open to new things. I feel like there’s a niche for everything here. 
What inspired your tracks “I Need U (just because)” and “But Why, Though?”?  Do they relate to each other in some way?
They both were written during a transition period in my life. My girlfriend of many years was moving in, I was in between projects, and everything was just suspended for a bit. This sparked a creative wave and I just rode it. They do relate to each other in the sense that I was in the same head space for both of them. I also made the songs with the specific intent to perform them live, so they were a bit more active than most of my other stuff.
What do you try to accomplish when you remix a new track?
Honestly, just to have fun harmonizing the original vocals in the most intriguing way possible. It’s a learning exercise every time. 
What music artists have you personally been addicted to recently?
I was listening to FKA Twigs’ album a lot, which made me go back and listen to Inc.’s album as well (so good!). Other than that, I’ve been listening to a lot of Zeppelin, Queen, and The Doors to study the incredible performance qualities of Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, and Jim Morrison. I’ve also been soundcloud streaming a lot of Sh?m, Chris Mcclenney, Sango, IAMNOBODI, JMSN, Like, Taylor McFerrin, FlyLo (of course), and many more.
How do you feel when you look back at your older work?
I genuinely think that anything I made prior to my most recent track is terrible. Maybe that’s harsh, but I’m my worst critic. 
Any words of advice to young music artists that you wish you were told in the beginning? 
Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t be ashamed of your inner voice. Let it flourish and develop it. 
What makes you happy?
Learning, music, and love.
Any closing comments?
Be on the lookout for some visual projects on the horizon! Much love. ~
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Anonymous asked: please put GOLD back up! I need it in my life. I use to play it at parties ):

it’s the beat for a new OSKA FARO track! It’ll be rereleased soon. Or, email me at and I’ll email it to you. ~

Andre Drummond 
Photo by Soft Glas
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quaintrellea asked: What's your sign if you don't mind me asking

Taurus ~

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Anonymous asked: Your work is amazing and I love it! I also like your humbleness. This combination makes you nothing, but pure awesomeness! Keep it up. You're going far and you're already doing bigger and greater things.

thank you for making my day